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Growing your own business comes with many exciting decisions — from naming your business to designing your first business cards. But in your excitement, don’t forget about the most important building blocks!

Taking the time to get your business structure right is paramount for both asset protection and tax minimisation and should be thought about from the get-go.

Think of it like building the foundation for a house. If you don’t get it right from the start, sure, you can still build on top of it but it won’t be stable enough to support your vision. Over time the cracks are going to show and the wrong foundation will affect your tax every year and put your business at risk. You can modify the foundation, but as you know it is a lot more expensive and hard to change your ground than setting up right at first.

Our accounting and business structuring services are like a property inspector who ensures everything’s up to code and aligns with your plans. You will have a business that is set up in the most beneficial way possible!

Your business needs sound structuring advice if you’re just starting out, but even as an established business restructuring will be required when your business size, purpose or family situation change.

We listen to your ambitions and set you up with a structure that will help you achieve your goals – now and in the long term.

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Why is Obtaining Effective Business Structuring Advice so Important?

At its core, business structure planning is about maximising these four key benefits the best you can when determining what entity type or entity combination is right for you.

Tax minimisation

Get your business structure right, and you won’t pay a dollar more tax than necessary! The business structure you choose has the ability to impact the amount of money you pay to the taxman each year and the amount that goes in your own pocket.

Asset protection

Don’t put your family home on the line for your new business venture! Setting up the right structure is like a shield that protects your personal wealth and assets from your business risks. The stronger the shield is, the more protection you and your family have.

Limited liability

Give yourself more of a safety net! Setting up a corporate veil can give you limited liability. This means that you are able to better protect yourself from the unnecessary burden of company debts that will follow you.

Succession plan

Plan to pass and exit your business with minimum tax. Everyone needs to retire eventually, and your current structure should support how you want to exit your business. In an exit, CGT, Stamp duty, and GST come into play, and it is too late to think about it when you are ready to sell!

If even one of these elements is not properly thought through, it’s highly likely that:

What Are the Options When it Comes to Business Structuring?

The business structure you choose plays a key role in determining how much tax you pay, what licenses you require and how much control you have over your business.

Therefore, it’s important to have an understanding of the key differences between each option before you decide what business structure is best for you!

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Here is a Short Breakdown of the Four Main Business Structures Adopted by Business Owners in Australia

Sole Trader

The simplest of business structures is a sole trader. A sole trader operates their business under their own name and is personally liable for all aspects of their business.


A partnership structure is made up of two or more people/entities, who are all committed to the same business venture. All income and losses are distributed between the partners and each partner is jointly and severally liable for all debts incurred in the name of the partnership.


A company is an entity that has a separate legal existence from its owners. The owners of the company are known as shareholders or members.


A trust is an entity set up with trustee(s), appointor(s) and beneficiaries. The trustee is under obligation to hold property or assets for the benefit of others, known as the beneficiaries.

When it comes to structuring, there is no one size fits all. Each business structure has its advantages, disadvantages and responsibilities which need to be considered before deciding what business structure is right for you.

It’s advisable to have a chat with one of our expert accountants who can help assess what structure is best for your unique situation and set you up for the future!

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